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Pravčická bránaSandsteintor Pravčická bránaPrawczicka brama

Rock-gate Pravčická brána

National nature sight, the largest sandstone bridge in Europe, span 30m, height 21m, minimum thickness of the arch 3m. The gateway as such is closed to the public and can be viewed only from a lookout point close to it. At the foot of the rock bridge is a stylish restaurant called "Falcon´s Nest" (Sokolí hnízdo). Hans Andersen, the story writer, visited the site in 1831 and 1835. Other interestin sandstone formations can be found in the neighbourhood.

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Pravčická brána
Pravčická brána
Pravčická brána and Sokolí hnízdo

Pravčická brána
Sight from Pravčická brána

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